China Calls Trump and U.S. ‘Selfish’ Over Climate Change Policies

A major Chinese daily lashed out at U.S. President Donald Trump about his climate policies on Thursday, calling them “political selfishness."

Ivanka Brand Undercuts Trump’s “Buy American” Message

Unflattering publicity continues to buffet the Ivanka Trump fashion brand as news surfaced of the company's reliance on Chinese imports.

India’s Air Pollution Catching Up to China as Worst on Earth

According to a recent study, India’s air is becoming the deadliest on Earth -- outpacing even China, which loses over a million people…

As Smog Issues Continue, Beijing Pledges to Curb Coal Consumption

Beijing's mayor says the city of 11.5 million will adopt “extra” anti-smog measures this year, including a 30 percent decrease in coal consumption.

Renewables Are a Rising Global Tide — and the U.S. Better Pay Attention

As the incoming Trump administration vows to move U.S. energy policy back to fossil fuels, the rest of the world is bringing renewable…

Limiting Waste, Conserving Resources

As the world’s most populous country with a rapidly expanding middle class, China has the potential to show the rest of the world…

Emissions from Coal Flatten But Don’t Reflect Planned Increases in Use

The 2016 Global Carbon Project’s annual analysis of carbon emissions showed that contributions from coal declined by 0.28 percent during the last year.…

Global Tobacco Control Treaty Proposes to Ban Delegates from . . . Tobacco Firms

According to Reuters, some within the UN's leadership realized that it would benefit next week’s meeting drafting a global tobacco control treaty if…

Responding to Food Safety Concerns, Walmart Invests $25 Million in China

In response to purity scandals, Walmart plans to invest at least $25 million in Chinese food safety research. The investment promises to revamp…

U.S. and China Review Their Fossil Fuel Subsidies

Both countries committed to eliminate and consolidate fossil fuel subsidies as part of the review process, a promise they made in 2013.

U.S. and China Joined the Paris Agreement: So, What’s Next?

These two big buy-ins mean the Paris Agreement is more likely to be ratified this year, or even as soon as this month.…

Insurers to G-20: Stop Fossil Fuel Subsidies

In an open letter, top insurance companies ask G-20 leaders to phase-out all fossil fuel subsidies by 2020. And that's not all.

Why Birkenstock Is Kissing Amazon Goodbye

The German shoe company, founded over 240 years ago, is sick of fake versions of its shoes being sold on the online retailer’s…

China’s Straddling Bus Slams into a Great Wall of Ridicule

Shortly after it completed its test run in the city of Qinhuangdao, publications began to question the viability of China's futuristic 'straddling bus.'

Futuristic ‘Straddling Bus’ in China Promises to Transform Public Transport

Last week in the Chinese coastal city of Qinhuangdao, a massive electric vehicle that can drive over two lanes of automobile traffic made…