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“Self-Forming” Renewable Energy Microgrids For U.S. Army — Puerto Rico Next?

In a tragic demonstration that renewable energy and microgrids offer greater resiliency, Puerto Rico is still struggling to restore conventional power.

Why This Coal-Powered Electricity Company Hates the Rick Perry Power Plan

NRG has plenty of coal and nuclear electricity generation in its portfolio, but the company is no fan of Energy Secretary Rick Perry's…

Offshore Wind Giant Vestas Aims to Catapult U.S. Into Global Renewables Leadership

Despite Trump's notorious distaste for wind turbines, Vestas is determined to turbo-boost the veritable gold mine of offshore wind on the Atlantic coast,…

Puerto Rico Grid Re-Build After Hurricane Maria: Tesla’s Elon Musk Proposes, Whitefish Disposes

Tesla proposes rebuilding Puerto Rico's power grid with solar after Hurricane Maria but tiny, inexperienced Whitefish Energy, which shares a hometown with Secretary…

U.S. Pairs Up with Japan to Boost Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Look out, battery electric vehicles: a new hydrogen fuel cell partnership with Japan aims to accelerate hydrogen fuel cell development in the U.S.

Tesla’s Elon Musk Promises Solar Power for Puerto Rico — Can He Deliver?

Despite formidable obstacles, Elon Musk of the EV company Tesla envisions leveraging his solar energy experience to rebuild Puerto Rico's power grid.

The Hydrogen Fuel Cell Secret Behind GM’s Big EV Announcement

GM just announced big EV plans but the real surprise is that hydrogen fuel cell EVs play a big role in GM's zero…

How Renewable Energy Can Accelerate the Microgrid Revolution

Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria have underscored the advantages of microgrids, especially those equipped with distributed renewable energy.

How to Make Sustainable Energy Mainstream

Why is there such a huge obstacle between sustainable energy and progress on a nationwide scale? Let’s take a closer look at a…

Scotland Ramps Up Offshore Wind, Benefits Ripple Across the Pond

Politics have been getting in the way of the U.S. offshore wind industry, but Scotland's efforts to lower costs could help break the…

Toyota’s Hydrogen Dream Could Help 7-Eleven Grow — Sustainably

Toyota and 7-Eleven have joined forces to measure how hydrogen can reduce the carbon emissions of convenience stores and delivery trucks in Japan.

98-Year Old Hawaiian Company Plunges Into The Hydrogen Future

A good sign that the hydrogen economy is not a dream: Hawaii-based Servco follows through on plans for a fueling station to support…

Toyota Pursues Futuristic “Hydrogen Society” Model for Decarbonization

Toyota is pushing forward with a new five year research project aimed at building a futuristic, carbon-neutral "hydrogen society" network.

San Diego Study Finds Cheaper, Greener Energy from Utility Leapfrog

A recent study found a surprise: San Diego can meet its climate change goals and lower electricity rates by circumventing the local utility.…

California Extends Bipartisan Carbon Cap and Trade

This week, with considerable bipartisan support, the Calif. Legislature passed AB-398, which extends the state’s cap-and-trade climate law to 2030. Supporters say the…