Climate Change

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News and analysis of the impact of climate change on governments and businesses.

A Place for Offsets in the New Climate Reality?

The link between offset revenue and sustainable land management is often overlooked by the interest groups working to undermine climate regulations. Carbon offset…

Stranded Assets: Preventing the Next Era of Climate Change

Does Wall Street play a role in avoiding the future era of stranded assets? Joyce Coffee of Climate Resilience Consulting went to Climate…

Laurels for Credit Raters: Levers of Change in the Climate Adaptation Market

Credit rating agencies are seizing their role as levers of change in the adaptation market, says Joyce Coffee of Climate Resilience Consulting.

Trump Picks Climate Change Denier for EPA Head

According to both the Washington Post and the New York Times, presidential candidate Donald Trump made his pick on who will oversee the…

Earth May Have Passed the Carbon Threshold — Permanently: What It Means for Business

Carbon dioxide in the earth’s atmosphere surpassed the 400 parts per million (PPM) mark last year. And research suggests these elevated levels may…

Can Two Words Save the Planet?

The terms “global warming” and “climate change” describe two interrelated and similar — but scientifically different -- phenomena. But one term is increasingly…

U.S. and China Review Their Fossil Fuel Subsidies

Both countries committed to eliminate and consolidate fossil fuel subsidies as part of the review process, a promise they made in 2013.

White House: Climate Change is a National Security Issue

A new Presidential Memorandum calls on more than 20 federal agencies to take the national security implications of climate change into consideration. This…

Unraveling the Climate Consequences of a Trump Presidency

Trump's vague policy positions on climate action mean more uncertainty for businesses as they seek an even playing field.

John Kerry, the Environmental Secretary of State

As Secretary of State John Kerry looks to the next chapter, he has an opportunity to bring an unprecedented environmental record into the…

Why Enterprise Joined ALEC For a Hot Second — Then Ditched

The lobbying organization ALEC insists there is a "debate" over climate change, but Enterprise -- and its customers -- aren't buying that argument.

Carbon Pricing Delivers Results, But Much Work Lies Ahead

In a survey conducted by CDP, 1 in 5 large firms now set an internal carbon price -- up 23 percent from 2015.

Massachusetts Governor Creates Climate Change Strategy Through Executive Order

Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker signed an executive order last week that spells out a plan to reduce the state’s greenhouse gas emissions.

Climate Week NYC Sponsored by Banks Financing Fossil Fuel Projects

Three large banks with heavy investments in fossil fuels are sponsoring Climate Week NYC this year, according to a group of NGOs.

SEC Investigates ExxonMobil As Climate Science Witch Hunt Continues in Congress

The SEC says ExxonMobil failed to effectively communicate financial and climate risk data to shareholders, and it plans to investigate further. Meanwhile, a…