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Salesforce Takes Another Step Toward 100 Percent Renewables

Cloud computing giant Salesforce announced another step made toward its goal of running 100 percent on clean power. The city is participating in…

Our Connected, Mobile, Recycled and Green Future

As the number of connected devices we use continues to increase, it becomes increasingly critical to understand that we all have a role…

Pressure Builds on Amazon to Clean Up Data Center Energy Use

Amazon Web Services is investing in what is to be the largest solar energy farm in Virginia, a step on the path toward…

5 Reasons Companies Should Utilize the Cloud

Trends in business tend to change often and quickly, but one trend that can't be ignored is the move towards the cloud.

CSR Report Review: and Cloud Computing Sustainability recently released its most recent sustainability report, which covers the company's progress on operational efficiency and green building.

Why Insecure Data Is Bad for the U.S. Economy

Recent revelations of NSA spying, laws that prevent IT companies from protecting the confidentiality of customers' information and data hacking are driving clients…

How Cloud Computing Can Help Shrink Corporate Energy Consumption

The CDP (formerly Carbon Disclosure Project) estimates that cloud computing could save large U.S. corporate entities up to $12.3 billion in energy costs…

Climate Earth Announces First Online Natural Capital Management System

Earlier this month, Berkeley, Calif.-based company Climate Earth unveiled a cloud-based Natural Capital Management System to enable companies to know what natural assets…

SAP TwoGo: Cloud-Based Carpooling Game Changer

Today SAP releases GoTwo, a cloud-based carpooling application that promises to make ridesharing easier for corporate and municipal employees.

Autodesk Debuts FormIt – Mobile, Cloud-Based Architectural Modeling App

Formit is Autodesk's new mobile, cloud-based architectural modeling app that brings BIM workflow to the ipad.

SAP Brings Product Stewardship and Safety Data to The Cloud

SAP today rolls out two new cloud computing solutions that provide manufacturers and their supply chains the ability to manage sustainability data.

Cloud-Based Simulation for Sustainable Design

This week Autodesk announced Simulation360, easy-to-use cloud-based simulation available to designers, builders, and inventors.

Intuit Faces a Challenge With Its New Sustainability Report

The company Intuit, known for its Quicken product and other popular software,  is out with a new sustainability report that addresses a growing…

Google Releases Details on its Carbon Footprint

Last Thursday Google released for the first time details on its carbon footprint. The figures themselves were interesting, but the fact that Google…

Saleforce’s Benioff on the Future ‘Corporate Spring’

Yesterday, Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff kicked off Dreamforce 2011, the largest cloud computing event of the year with over 45,000 in attendance and…