Earth 2017

Future Shock In The Autonomous Electric Vehicle Economy

The autonomous electric vehicle economy is poised to deliver lower costs that will reshape our lives. The "mobility as a service" sector is…

How The Electric Vehicle Economy Will Win On Price

Electric vehicles anchor a critical mass of technologies poised to slash transportation costs through a new business model often called mobility as a…

AHCA Is A Disaster For Your Health and Wallet

The bipartisan Congressional Budget Office has yet to analyze the bill. But analyses by the Wall Street Journal, Kaiser Family Foundation and AARP…

We Test the Chevy Bolt’s Mountain Driving

Mountain driving is the ultimate electric car challenge. 3p correspondent Bill Roth decided to put the Bolt to the test on California's Santa…

Test-Driving America’s First Affordable, All-Electric Sports Car

3p economic correspondent Bill Roth took the Chevrolet Bolt for a test-drive and shares his thoughts on America's first affordable, all-electric sports car.

Creative Ways to Make Solar Pay Back for Commercial Buildings

Local permitting challenges and utility demand rates can lower the rate of return on a commercial solar project. But solutions abound!

Two Keys to Successful Commercial Solar

3p economic correspondent Bill Roth explains how utilities use demand charges to put a cloud over customer-owned solar power.

5 American Behaviors That Define Our Healthcare Costs and Solutions

America is desperate for affordable health care, but we'll have to change these five behaviors first.

3 Steps To Lower Drug and Health Insurance Prices

American insurance companies and drug companies can raise prices because they have the power to do so. Competition is limited, at best. Regulation…

Unmasking The Revised Republican Health Care Plan

Politicians are not succeeding in their quest to reduce healthcare costs. Instead they are shifting healthcare costs and taxes between American demographic groups.

Millennials, Technology Drive American Food Trends

The 2017 Natural Products Expo West exploded with people, passion and new food products poised to disrupt the industry.

The American Health Care Act Is Fake Health Care

The GOP-backed American Health Care Act is a budget bill. It is designed to reduce federal expenditures on health care -- but it…

Startup Delivers On Future Tech’s Promise For the Disadvantaged

San Diego startup Veyo is using future-tech tools like big data and predictive software to deliver low-cost, non-emergency medical transportation for the economically…

How Trump’s Proposed Climate Science Budget Cuts Will Impact You

The Donald Trump administration is proposing deep cuts to the NOAA’s budget. But it will not stop global warming. It will only make…

The Coming Boomer Generation Bailout Crisis

Think the Wall Street bailout was painful? Soon that may seem like the good old days as America pays for the boomer generation's…