Implementing a Successful Public-Private Partnership | Part 3: Determine How to Execute

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Medicine’s Newest Biomimicry Inspirations: Spider-Man and the Slippery Slug

Spiderman, along side the gecko and the average garden slug, are medical science's latest inspirations for biomimicry as researchers explore new and fantastic-sounding…

Gwyneth Paltrow Invests in Natural Frozen Food, Elicits Eye Rolls

The company's frozen smoothies might be healthful but they are financially out of reach for the consumers that need them the most.

When It Comes to Climate Change, Treat the Cause, Not the Symptoms

Like obesity, climate change also multiple causes. The treatment should address the root cause in order to produce lasting change.

How Big Data Can Get At-Risk Kids the Services They Need

The School Based Health Alliance, in partnership with the Aetna Foundation, harnesses big data to help local school districts and healthcare providers deliver…

AHCA Is A Disaster For Your Health and Wallet

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Aetna Foundation Leverages Philanthropic Investment to Build Healthier Communities

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5 American Behaviors That Define Our Healthcare Costs and Solutions

America is desperate for affordable health care, but we'll have to change these five behaviors first.

Asbestos Education in the Workplace: Prevention Meets Preparation

While the EPA regulates the dangers of asbestos, continued education and preparation help workers avoid exposure to the toxic substance.

Unmasking The Revised Republican Health Care Plan

Politicians are not succeeding in their quest to reduce healthcare costs. Instead they are shifting healthcare costs and taxes between American demographic groups.

Trump’s Science Budget Slash Will Impact Business, Too

President Donald Trump is living up to his campaign promises with a preliminary budget that puts heavy focus on defense funding and cuts…

On World Water Day, A Snapshot of Global Access

Today is World Water Day. Some 900 million global citizens still lack access to safe drinking water, according to the World Water Council.

Where Sustainability Meets Public Health

An increasing number of academics and healthcare professionals are saying manmade climate change could carry heavy implications for human health.

CVS, Novo Nordisk Partner to Make Insulin More Affordable

Novo Nordisk and CVS Health announced a new savings program that will offer immediate discounts on several medications, included much-needed insulin brands.

The American Health Care Act Is Fake Health Care

The GOP-backed American Health Care Act is a budget bill. It is designed to reduce federal expenditures on health care -- but it…