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Conflict Among Race Enthusiasts Over EV Auto Racing

Some panelists at a recent forum on sustainability in auto racing voiced concerns.

EV Technology Company Mission Motors Powers Growth

It’s been a fantastic year for electric vehicle technology company, Mission Motors. In July this year, the company’s electric racing bike, the Mission…

Mission Motors Electric Superbike Sails Past the Competition

We’ve covered San Francisco-based startup Mission Motors on several occasions over the past couple of years. The electric vehicle company earned its reputation…

Interviews: Jason Hartlove of Nanosys and Edward West of Mission Motors

Today’s Nissan Leaf has a 100-mile driving range per charge. The Chevy Volt has a 350 miles driving range. However, this increased range…

Mission Motors Keeps Moving: All-Electric Bike Tops 150MPH

The all-electric high-performance Mission One "superbike" from Mission Motors breaks the land speed record for an electric motorcycle at the Bonneville Speedway.