Patagonia: CSR & Sustainability News

Patagonia, Inc. is a Ventura, California-based clothing company, focusing mainly on high-end outdoor clothing. It was founded by Yvon Chouinard in 1972.

Patagonia’s First TV Ad Buy Urges Support for Public Lands

For the first time ever, Patagonia purchased television airtime. The company will run ads in Montana, Utah and Nevada, states where activists say…

Patagonia Embraces Natural Dyes for Clean Color Collection

Patagonia's Clean Color Collection for men and women includes garments dyed with materials such as pomegranate, silkworm excrement, mulberry leaves and agricultural waste.

3p Weekend: These Execs Prove Sustainability is Big Business

While incoming U.S. President Donald Trump seems tied to the tired sentiment that sustainability kills business, some of the country's most successful corporate…

Patagonia Withdraws From Outdoor Retailer Event Over Lands Dispute in Utah

Patagonia pulled out of the annual Outdoor Retailer trade show in Utah due to the state leadership's opposition to the new Bears Ears…

3p Weekend: 12 B Corps Leading Their Industries

Think sustainability is a business killer? Think again. Read on to learn more about 12 B Corps taking their industries by storm.

Companies Staying Closed on Thanksgiving and Black Friday

Forward-thinking companies are taking a stand against overconsumption by closing their doors on Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Read on for their stories.

Encouraging All to Vote, Patagonia Closes Its Doors for Election Day

Outdoor clothing and gear company Patagonia will shut down its entire operations for today, Election Day, to encourage its employees and the general…

Patagonia Provisions Launches An Organic Beer That Can Make a Difference

There's another organic beer on the market, and this one can help change agricultural practices.

3p Weekend: 7 Companies Making the Circular Economy a Reality

A true circular economy is still a long way off. But forward-thinking companies are inching closer to making it a reality. Read on…

Patagonia’s Founder Rewrites His Philosophy for a New Era of Environmental Crisis

When Patagonia makes a decision because it’s the right thing to do for the planet, it ends up also being good for the…

Patagonia Creates Neoprene-Free Wetsuit Line From Natural Rubber

Those wetsuits surfers wear are usually made from a synthetic rubber called neoprene that is far from environmentally friendly. Outdoor gear manufacturer Patagonia…

Your Patagonia Jacket Is Probably Polluting Waterways

A study commissioned by Patagonia tracked just how many plastic microfibers make their way from your jacket to the world's waterways -- and…

3p Weekend: 10 Brands Doing Sustainable Cotton Right

From organic fast-fashion to fair trade, these 10 brands are showing it's possible to do sustainable cotton right.

Patagonia Leads by Example in the Circular Economy

Patagonia's Worn Wear program is a prime example of how a circular economy can work.

Why Transparency is the Future of the Lead-Generation Market

The lead-generation market is in the midst of its own battle with transparency. Those companies that embrace, rather than fear, transparency will lead…