Why Second-Hand Shopping Isn’t Truly Guilt-Free

As a long term, lifetime thrift store shopper, I have always taken great satisfaction in my ability to build wardrobes without paying retail…

Green Gift Monday Promotes Positive Change and Provides Free Marketing

Green Gift Monday, launched for the second year by The Nature Conservancy, encourages gift givers to consider environmentally and socially responsible choices around…

Billboards to Tote Bags

Relan LLC is turning vinyl billboard waste into functional and fashionable accessories, giving the new meaning to repurposed materials.

The Holidays are Here, and So is Cause Marketing

Coca-Cola is using a cause marketing approach in its newest holiday campaign, Arctic Home, which will support the World Wildlife Fund’s (WWF) polar…

Risky Business: Corporate Sponsorship of Extreme Athletes

Some of the most challenging big wall climbs in Yosemite that most often take two to three days for highly experienced climbers can…

Beijing’s EPA: The Air Quality is Just Fine

Based on US air pollution measurements in Beijing, Chinese officials appear to be incorrectly reporting air quality data.

The Business Case Against Litter

Litter in the forms of plastic packaging and cigarette butts are endangering the ocean's wildlife and creating a trash vortex the size of…

Renewable Energy Land Leases: How to get a Slice of the Pie

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Nissan LEAF and Chevy Volt Target Different Drivers

This piece explores the different target audiences that Nissan Leaf and Chevy Volt have tailored their messaging and marketing to.

Communicating About Wireless Power Transfer

There are important breakthroughs in transportation technology that you might not know about.

Why DARPA is Researching Storytelling

Why you should use storytelling to better reach an audience, effectively communicating complex ideas, and unify a message across divergent groups.

From Skies to Soil: A Brief Review of Urban Farms

Over the last few years, the concept of the urban vertical farm has captured the imagination of many.

Mountain Riders Alliance: Skiers Founding a Movement through Social Media

How the power of social media has been leveraged to found a movement that is seeking to revolutionize the ski industry. The buzz…

Why I’m Staking My Future on Holey Ground: a Story About Pervious Concrete

New dinner party fodder: talking points on Pervious Concrete! The best thing for your parking lot or driveway.

Social Media Tools for Nonprofits

With a defined strategy and targeted resources, nonprofits can make social media work for them. Here are some quick tips if your organization…