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SABMiller is a multinational brewing company headquartered in London. Top labels include Miller Lite, Coors Lite, Blue Moon and Leinenkugel’s.

Why Partnerships are Key to Water Security

This year’s annual World Water Week in Stockholm is happening at a unique moment. In just a few weeks’ time, member states of…

SABMiller Makes the Case for Confronting Water Scarcity at Lima Climate Conference

At the Lima Climate Change Conference, SABMiller says businesses must make the business case for addressing water scarcity throughout Latin America.

Taking Sustainability Beyond the Company Walls

The difference between SABmiller's approach and other company-centered 'efficiency' efforts is the depth of focus outside the company's own walls.

ColaLife Uses Crates of Coke to Save Lives in Africa

Since 2008, ColaLife has worked with Coca-Cola to allow its “Airpods” full of rehydration salts to fit within crates of soft drink bottles.

Why Water Scarcity Means Food Scarcity

Andy Wales, SVP of Sustainable Development at SABMiller weighs in on what his firm is doing to manage these competing challenges.

World Water Week Opens With Somber Warnings to Business About Water Scarcity

The annual World Water Week opened here in rainy Stockholm over the weekend with a warning to business of the effect that the…

Simple Tool Helps Companies Address Water Risks

WWF has created the Water Risk Filter, a tool that helps companies identify their water related risks and develop ways to address them.

Water: Supply Chain and Demand

A new report from the Carbon Disclosure Project, CDP Water Disclosure Global Report 2011: Raising corporate awareness of global water issues presents water…

Cassava Beer Rolls Out in Mozambique

Last month in Mozambique, a local SABMiller subsidiary, Cervejas de Moçambique, launched the first ever commercial scale beer based on cassava.

What’s Missing at Durban? The Water-Food-Energy-Climate Nexus

By Andy Wales, SABMiller plc Whilst the debates at Durban struggle to agree a way forward on climate, a more fundamental change is…

Molson Coors Slashes Water Use 5% in One Year

Beer giant Miller Coors' water consumption dropped 5 percent between 2009 and 2010. The company's water to beer ratio now stands at 4.4:1.

Bottoms Up: Why SABMiller Strives to Make More Beer with Less Water

Last week mega-brewer SABMiller released their 2011 Sustainable Development Summary Report. The company, which earned $5.04B up 15% from last year on revenues…

Coca-Cola, SABMiller Now Measure Poverty Footprint

Coca-Cola and SABMiller, partnering with Oxfam, recently released a report that measures two countries’ poverty footprint. The report covers wages throughout their entire…

How Much Water Did It Take to Make That Pint of Beer?

A recent report of the Water Futures Partnership, a collaboration between the SABMiller brewing company and the WWF, studies the water footprint at…