Social Enterprise

A social enterprise is an organization that uses commercial strategies to maximize human and environmental well-being, rather than simply maximizing profits for external shareholders.

A Federal Incentive for Social Entrepreneurs to Expand Their Businesses

Rural counties from New England to the American South to Hawaii are attracting socially responsible businesses by providing economic development package for equipment…

Earth Angel Greens TV and Movie Sets Nationwide

Emellie O’Brien is the founder and president of Earth Angel, the only sustainability consultancy servicing film and television production on the East Coast.

New App Could Help Refugees Access Bank Accounts, Avoid Black Market

The app uses social media profiles to build a history for prospective bank customers who lack traditional forms of identification.

Ford Foundation Commits $1 Billion to the Social Enterprise Revolution

The Ford Foundation will invest as much as $1 billion out of its $12 billion endowment to accelerate mission-related investing over the next…

Sweden Shakes Up Shopping With a Mall for Reclaimed Goods

Sweden is home to what may be the world's first shopping center selling only recycled, upcycled and repurposed goods. ReTuna operates as part…

Lotus Foods: Changing the World One Grain of Rice at a Time

This California-based rice importer is helping families and the environment by encouraging its small-scale suppliers to use smarter farming practices.

Timberland and Thread Partner to Drive Social Impact in Haiti

Timberland and Thread partnered to incorporate recycled plastic from Haiti into clothing and apparel. We spoke with both companies about the partnership and…

Your Funding Was Cut . . . Now What?

Nonprofits and small companies across the country could see funding dry up if President Donald Trump's budget proposed budget goes through. Sustainability strategy…

Fintech Startup Offers Next-Gen Solution to Extreme Poverty

Financial tech company BanQu uses cutting-edge blockchain technology to create a portable economic identity for the world's poorest people.

Startup Delivers On Future Tech’s Promise For the Disadvantaged

San Diego startup Veyo is using future-tech tools like big data and predictive software to deliver low-cost, non-emergency medical transportation for the economically…

Conscious Business Must Move Beyond the Two-Party System

Business can no longer remain a two-party system -- conscious and unconscious. We need to unite around any leader or company that is…

This Vertical Farm Wants to Pioneer ‘Post-Organic’ Food

New Jersey startup Bowery Farming wants to change how you think about organic food -- starting with its definition.

Thinking ‘Glocally’ About Water Scarcity: Why We Need to Act Now

When Karishma Bhagani was attending high school in Kenya, half of the country was drought-stricken. So she invented a low-tech water purifier to…

This One-For-One Peanut Butter Fights Famine in South Sudan

The social enterprise Good Spread aims to help address the humanitarian catastrophe in South Sudan with its one-for-one business model.

Building a Better World Also Builds a Better Workplace

Everyone at a company — from the founder to its newest recruits — needs to work toward a better world. And that’s not…