Tom's of Maine CSR & Sustainability News

Tom’s of Maine is a manufacturer of natural-ingredients-only personal care products. Based in Kennebunk, Maine, the brand has been a partially owned subsidiary of Colgate-Palmolive since 2006.

Tom’s of Maine Founder Wants to Revitalize the U.S. Apparel Industry

Tom Chappell co-founded Tom’s of Maine and revolutionized the personal care industry. He now wants to do the same for clothing, but Americans'…

Toy Recycling Gets a Boost from Tom’s of Maine and TerraCycle

Tom’s of Maine, in a partnership with TerraCycle, says it has a solution for unwanted toys: Consumers can collect old or broken toys…

3p Weekend: Impact Companies Thriving Under Fortune 500s

When done right, these partnerships can be a boon for social-impact startups, as well as society at large.

Target’s ‘Made to Matter’ Brings Sustainable Products to the Masses

Just entering its third year, this product portfolio is expanding with new entrants and new product standards.

3p Weekend: Fruits and Veggies Turned Into Packaging

Check out these innovative ideas that cut down on both food waste and packaging -- talk about a win-win!

Toms of Maine: Turning Hot Air into a Sustainable Resource

Today's technology makes yesterday's most basic, manual tasks -- like cleaning an intricate set of pipes -- a whiz. But it also creates…

3p Weekend: 10 Corporate Leaders in Water Stewardship

This Sunday, March 22, is World Water Day -- a day to celebrate water and make a difference for those who lack access…

Tom’s of Maine Awards $510,000 to Nonprofits in All 50 States

The votes are in, and 51 nonprofits from across the country will be able to give back more in their communities as winners…

Tom’s Of Maine: Growing Your Brand While Living Your Values

I asked Tom how it's possible to grow your business through your values.  He responded with three requirements.

Seen and Heard at SXSW Eco: Day 1

Find out what happened yesterday and what's in store for today.

Nominate Your Favorite Nonprofit to Win $10,000 from Tom’s of Maine

Now in its sixth year, the Tom’s of Maine 50 States for Good program rewards grassroots nonprofits with a total of $500,000 in…

Tom’s of Maine Pushes Innovation with Potato Starch Packaging

Tom’s of Maine is now tinkering with potato starch for some its polylactic acid (PLA) packaging.

Tom’s of Maine Takes a Step Towards Quantifying Goodness

Tom’s of Maine just unveiled a new reporting initiative that they are calling their Goodness Report. Tom's, which states that “sustainable practices are…

Burt’s Bees Launches Lip Balm Tube Recycling Program

Burt's Bees has partnered up with Preserve to encourage recycling of the #5 plastics commonly used in consumer goods packaging.

Tom’s of Maine Partners with TerraCycle to Launch New Recycling Initiative

Tom's of Maine has partnered with TerraCycle to launch a recycling initiative to give a second life to product packaging with the launch…