Interview: The ROI of Workplace Yoga

Recently I published an interview with Lynn Roulo, a professional CPA who has worked in venture capital. I focused on her new company called Green Box Top that offers daily price specials on wellness and green products.

I was more than surprised when my conservation with this numbers oriented-entrepreneur turned to how yoga was improving her business performance.

This was the same type of feedback I had gotten from John Friend who has a international yoga practice. In my interview with John he outlined how he was helping businesses increase their bottom line performance by introducing yoga to their associates.

There are two common ways workplace yoga can yield returns to the company:

Producing Better Listening Skills.

This is repeated in every business discussion about yoga. Associates who practice yoga are better listeners. This results in improved ability to serve customers. It also results in improve collaboration with fellow associates.

Making Employees Mentally Healthier.

Associates practicing yoga have a calmer, stronger mental attitude. The business benefit is an associate that is more productive and more aware with a feeling of sustained energy will be more productive and attentive to detail.

Watch this interview with Lynn on the connection between yoga and business success to hear about one more surprising twist that places into context today’s volatile and transformative events that offers hope we may well achieve a sustainable world system:

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