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Steve Nash Endorses Green… Making it Real for Middle America

Scott Cooney | Tuesday August 2nd, 2011 | 3 Comments

We in the sustainability community probably have many friends and family members who still think we’re a little out there. Most of my family, for instance, gave up on asking me about my work 15 years ago and still thinks “green” is a bit weird and, I don’t know, maybe cute. I’ve always thought that eventually they’ll get it, they’ll see the big picture…something will start them on their sustainability journey just as something started me on mine so many years ago.

It is either going to be a dog food scare teaching them that something’s wrong with our food system, or it’s going to be, well….celebrity endorsement of green. And not just Ed Begley, Jr., bless his heart, but celebrities that the average Joe SixPack watches on a regular basis. I’ve been waiting for that for a while. Could this be it? See video below….

I’m a fan of Steve Nash. The guy’s a wiz on the hardwood, plays without ego, and seems like a generally good guy. In addition, he was part of a Phoenix Suns team that protested the tea-party-led law in Arizona that allowed for racial profiling of Mexicans.

But seriously? This was the best that Toyota’s marketing team could come up with to use him for? What do you think? Couldn’t they make a reference to his long game and the obvious corollary to the Prius’s ability to go something like 700 miles on one fillup? Nash is an assist guy, always breaking down the defense and setting his teammates up for easy shots…couldn’t they relate that somehow to peak oil and using less so we all have more?

Cutting off Granny?!


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  • Nick Aster

    Yeah, I thought the “cutting off granny” thing was kinda rude, but people seem to think it’s funny. So I suppose that’s a hybrid in a positive light.

    Frankly, I wouldn’t hold my breath about the Prius suddenly become the car of choice among NBA players. To make matters worse “middle america” (much more a state of mind than a state of geography, btw) has actually been trained to despise what celebrities do because they are “elite liberal hypocrites” according to certain elements of the media.

  • Symone

    “Elite liberal hypocrites”? I think that depends on the type of celebrity. I’m sure that male professional athletes are much less likely to be thought of in that light than say movie or news celebrities.

    • Nick Aster

      That’s probably very true…