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Rwanda Bound, Departing for IRP Gatekeeper Trip

| Sunday November 6th, 2011 | 7 Comments

I’m excited to be departing for Kigali, Rwanda today along with 11 writers and journalists as part of the  two-week long International Reporting Project’s Gatekeeper Editor Trip for Fall 2011.

It goes without saying that this will likely be one of the most interesting trips anyone from the 3p team has attended and I’m extremely honored to participate.  Our group will be meeting with a host of organizations, academics and politicians to discuss many aspects of the post-genocide reconstruction of Rwanda, and development in general.

Although the trip will cover a variety of topics, I’ll be delving into such areas as sustainable development, micro-enterprise, eco-tourism, and coffee.

I’ll be doing my best to write a dispatch as close to daily as possible, and welcome your questions and feedback!


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  • George

    Please look deeply while you are there. There are many deceptions hidden by the current regime in Rwanda.
    Ask about the trial of Ingabire, ask about why the constitution was changed from helping everyone who survived the genocide to just Tutsi (This also is in direct contravention of their insistence that everyone is a Rwandan. Their Constitution is essentially breaking their own law about “divisionism”.
    Look into the history of those who are in positions of power in the government. How many trace their history back to Kagame and Uganda.
    People want to know…

  • Akua

    PLZ be very careful to not speak negatively of the government or anything they are doing while you are in country. It is a death sentence to do so…I urge you to take this advice seriously…Rw is an amazing country full of possibilities but the regime at the helm is deadly and does not take criticism of any kind with out reacting.

  • http://www.givetogetjobs.com Stacy McCoy

    That is such an amazing opportunity. Can’t wait to read all about it!

  • Largo

    Dear Nick, pleased to see you in Rwanda. Come and see and tell the truth on what you saw. See development all around, see the resilience of a people from the abyss of genocide, the governance that allows voice to constructive criticism, see the other side of what is being uttered by unfounded alarmism. Come and see and please tell the truth!

  • Anne Sebastiane

    Rwanda is one of the hidden gems of Africa. The people and it’s leadership are one of a kind. Looking forward to reading you’re findings.

  • Aggie

    Wow, guys go have fun. Rwanda the singapore of Africa is a place to be. am excited that you guys are going to see the transformation of a nation from ashes to a shinning star. Go tour, enjoy and learn.

  • Kabs

    Rwanda’s cleanliness is a sign of civilization and development in the region of East AFRICA