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Shaw’s Supermarkets Launches Sustainable Seafood Program

| Friday November 11th, 2011 | 1 Comment

Last month, Shaw’s Supermarkets, owned by SUPERVALU, launched a sustainable seafood program in partnership with the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) and the Gulf of Maine Research Institute. Both ensure that the seafood Shaw’s sells is globally certified and locally verified by these two leading sustainable seafood organizations. These verifications provide consumers with the confidence of knowing that we are buying seafood from not only sustainable fisheries, but local ones as well. Every piece of fish that Shaw’s now sells is traceable back to its source and is received fresh on a daily basis.

Shaw’s says they are the first New England retailer to sell their seafood certified by the MSC, which is an independent, non-profit organization who has developed strict standards for sustainable fishing and seafood traceability. MSC’s standards meet the world’s toughest best practice guidelines and are helping to transform seafood markets around the world. Their distinctive, blue ecolabel makes it easy for consumers to spot at Shaw’s right at the seafood counter.

By also working with the Gulf of Maine Research Institute, Shaw’s ensures that its seafood comes from the clean, productive waters of the Gulf of Maine and the fishery is managed in a way that contributes to the long-term health of the resource. Some of the products include lobster, haddock, sea scallops, and pollock.

It seems that many people are starting to eat more fish, which is why fishing sustainably has become so important. Add that to consumers wanting to know exactly where it’s coming from and the pressure is on.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen companies move in the sustainable seafood direction. In the past year we’ve seen Costco, Walmart, and Trader Joe’s step up to the plate. Even more recently restaurants like The Olive Garden, Capital Grille, and Red Lobster are jumping on board as well.

The Seafood Managers at Shaw’s have gone through 4,500 hours of collective training to learn about the importance of sustainable seafood. Check out the video online, which interviews a proud employee and a local fisherman who supplies the fish for Shaw’s.

Via: Boston.com

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  • Betty K.

    Hey, this is exciting news! Glad grocers are finally paying attention to sustainability. Now if only Supervalu’s stores would stop selling eggs from caged hens. :)