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Solar Thermal: Secret Weapon in the Fight Against Climate Change

3p Contributor | Tuesday December 20th, 2011 | 2 Comments

By: Sarah Backhouse

Future360 heads to Lancaster, California to witness the awesome power of concentrating solar power. We check out eSolar’s innovative solar thermal power tower, the Sierra Suntower.


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    Learn more about Lancaster, the Alternative Energy Capital of the World.


  • Meme Mine

    Humans now can control the climate fluctuations of planet Earth? Really?
    We are not immortal and we are not immortal Gods with powers to destroy planets and our effect on the planet is about as bad as pharting in a tornado is. Proof? Five billion years of evolution, comet hits, polarity shifts, solar storms, forest fires, and tropical fossils under the “melting” ice. We may as well tax volcanoes and try to save the Dead Sea.