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Impact Investing Expands in Hawai’i

Scott Cooney | Friday January 20th, 2012 | 0 Comments

The field of impact investing, wherein investors put money into ventures with an explicit mission for triple bottom line returns of financial, social and environmental benefit, is growing at a phenomenal rate. An upcoming impact investment conference in Hawai’i scheduled for February 9th is the first of its kind on the island state, and demonstrates just how prolific the relatively new field has gotten.

177 venture funds now identify as impact investors. The field has grown 600% over the past four years and currently is estimated at about $500 Billion in assets, according to statistics cited at SOCAP 2011, perhaps Impact Investing’s premier conference and showcase.

“Impact investing recognizes that investments can pursue financial returns while also intentionally addressing social and environmental challenges,” according to Chenoa Farnsworth, Managing Director of Hawai’i Angels, an angel investor forum, in a written release. The conference in Hawai’i aims to identify some emerging trends, among them the emergence of many Hawaiian investors that describe themselves as impact investors, and to bring these folks into the same room with mission-driven entrepreneurs.

Given that the number one challenge cited by green entrepreneurs surveyed during the Green Festival in 2010 was access to capital (according to Kevin Danaher, co-founder of the Green Festivals, in a personal conversation), impact investment forums like this one can help drive the sustainable economy in a powerful way, removing the final obstacle to business expansion for many green startups.


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