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EnergySaver Mobile App Helps You Save Money

| Monday May 7th, 2012 | 0 Comments

Mobiles apps are not only for fun but are also extremely useful in many instances. With smart phones soon becoming the norm, technology for apps has been on an upswing with developers coming up with more innovative apps to suit every lifestyle need.

Using less energy and water has also gotten easier with mobile apps. Apps to encourage sustainable living, eating, and travel especially are on the rise. One such application is the EnergySaver – the app not only lets you track your consumption of water, gas, and electricity but also lets you analyse it, thereby saving you money. 

With this nifty app, you can set up an energy profile for your house. You can also set up multiple profiles, one for each season or multiple residences. The app then lets you add some pre-programmed gas, electric, or water appliances. It also allows you to create your own profiles for gadgets. Then you can select some existing energy rates or input your own depending on your area. The energy or water consumption of your appliances is then analyzed, so you can figure out how to optimize your house for the most efficient and cheapest energy use to save both power and money.

The app also helps you find out which appliances are using the most energy and the ones that have phantom loads. It claims to reduce 10 percent of your electricity bill just by reducing phantom loads. Depending on this information, you can make better decisions on when to use the appliance or even when you purchase a new appliance. In four easy steps, you can have an energy profile of your house as well as have solutions to cut back on usage.

According to EnergySaver:

“EnergySaver allows you to analyze your current and estimate your future energy consumption instead of just analyzing or tracking past energy consumption. EnergySaver also enables you to customize and analyze each appliance’s energy consumption instead of just the overall consumption. By analyzing each appliance’s current energy consumption, you can make real changes that will translate into more money in your wallet.”

So far the app is available on the iOS for iPhones, iPads, and iPods. It is also available in the Android format. Mobile phone technology is the future and with advancements in app innovations, literally anything can be done through a smart phone or hand-held device.

Image Credit: EnergySaver ©


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