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A Sustainability Story: Black Star Co-Op Pub and Brewery

The Can Van | Saturday June 2nd, 2012 | 0 Comments

Black Star Co-Op Pub and Brewery

The following interview is part of our annual “green beer” series for 2012. To read more interviews and articles visit the main page here.

Co-operatives are businesses owned by the people who use its services or who work at it. You don’t have to be a member-owner to come to the brewpub, but supporting Black Star Co-op means supporting livable wages, democratic workplaces, local farms, and quality products from community brewpubs.

TriplePundit: What’s your name and the name of your brewery?

Jeff Young, Beer Team Leader, Black Star Co-Op Pub and Brewery

3p: How long have you been in the business?

JY: Co-Op: 6 years; Brewpub: 1.5 years

3p:Where are you located?

JY: Austin, Texas

3p:What volume of beer do you produce and where do you distribute?

JY: On-site only; 500bbls/yr

3p:What are your plans for growth, if any?

JY: Second location in South or East Austin in a few years

3p:What makes your brewery sustainable?

JY:  The brewpub is on the verge of Gold Star LEED Certification,  our grain goes to local rancher, almost all water is dual-usage (cooling/cleaning), kitchen produces less than one bag of garbage per day (the rest is recycled or composted)

3p:Forget finances- what’s your brewery pipe dream?

JY: Having a second location and making almost all the Austin Member-Owners within 10 minutes of a Black Star Co-op Pub!

3p:What is the one thing you want Triple Pundit readers to know about your brewery?

JY: We are the first Co-operatively owned and worker self-managed brewpub!

3p:What’s your favorite brew?

JY: Our own Vulcan–assertively hopped rye ale


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