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Interview: Linda Macpherson, CH2MHill on Water Reuse

| Friday January 18th, 2013 | 0 Comments

water-reuseRunning appropriately alongside this year’s World Future Energy Summit, is the International Water Summit. The connection between water and energy is something we’ve been focusing on closely in the last few weeks and will continue in the year to come.

Like energy, water is a resource that could be used far more efficiently.  One way to do so is quite simply to re-use it. This is commonly done around the world for landscaping and industrial uses, but less so for drinking water. The largest such project in the United States is the Orange County ground water replenishment program but much work is being done elsewhere.

Among the key challenges is communicating effectively with people why water reuse is not only important, but desirable  clean and safe. I had a chance to talk to CH2MHill’s Linda Macpherson to go over some of the basics:

Ed Note: Travel expenses for the Author and TriplePundit were provided by Masdar.



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