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Video Chat with Nancy Mancilla of ISOS Group on Sustainability Reporting

| Wednesday August 21st, 2013 | 2 Comments

Join us to learn about sustainability reporting with expert Nancy Mancilla of ISOS Group

Every Wednesday at 4pm Pacific (and every once in a while at other times) TriplePundit founder Nick Aster will takes 45 minutes or so to chat with an interesting leader in the sustainable business movement.  These chats are broadcast on our Google+ channel and embedded via YouTube right here on 3p.

Today at 4pm I’ll be starting with Nancy Mancilla of ISOS Group about sustainability reporting.   Nancy is in charge of business development at ISOS, GRI trainings coordination and integration of sustainability concepts into value-added practices for businesses, communities and governments.

In other words, she knows a lot about sustainability reporting and we’re going to cover both a basic intro to the concept and talk about where reporting is going.

The only thing you need to do is pop over to this page at 4pm PST and click “play”.  No need to log into anything.  However, if you want to ask questions, we’ll be taking Q&A via twitter from the audience – just tweet to @triplepundit and we’ll incorporate your questions.   If you miss the conversation you’ll still be able to watch it later on YouTube.

Please join us live, and pop it a reminder on your calendar:

Take a look at the current schedule and please let us know if you or someone you know would be interested in joining us for a future date. 


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  • Marissa Rosen

    Thanks for these insights, Nancy, and thanks for participating in this casual G+ chat forum to educate the TriplePundit readers!

    • Nancy Mancilla

      Thank you Marissa! It’s always a pleasure to help build awareness!