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SXSWeco Interview: Roy Johnson of EcoFactor

| Monday October 14th, 2013 | 0 Comments


ecofactor-logoEcoFactor is a software company that enables “communicating thermostats” to better manage energy use in homes. The idea is to automate energy management in ways that a human being would never be able to do alone. Once up and running, EcoFactor says they can typically provide savings in the ballpark of 10-15 percent – a payback that winds up being instant for most consumers who purchase the service through channels such as Comcast.

EcoFactor’s software actually builds a schedule around household behavior, doing things like turning down the heat or air conditioning when a homeowner is not in the house. To top it off, data is provided to customers offering them information about where they’ve made strides in saving energy and how one’s household use stacks up to their neighbors.

I sat down with EcoFactor’s CEO Roy Johnson to learn more…


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