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SXSWeco Interview: How Sprint is Using Biomimicry in Package Design

| Wednesday October 9th, 2013 | 0 Comments


feat-sprintBiomimicry is a hot topic here at 3p. The basic idea behind biomimicry is that nature is the ultimate product designer. By studying how nature, over millions of years, has managed to solve major problems (metabolizing toxic substances, protecting organisms against harm, or even locomotion) we can learn to mimic nature’s solutions in modern product design.  Ideally we not only solve the same problems but we can do so in a way that fits into nature’s ecosystems rather than conflicting with them.

I sat down with Sprint’s Darren Beck to learn a little about how his company has been exploring biomimicry to address some of their sustainability challenges.  Specifically, while working with experts at the San Diego Zoo, Sprint found inspiration among Armadillo shells as a way to make product packaging both stronger and lighter.

Learn more in the short video below…


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