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A New Path of Building with New Avenue Homes

Jonathan Mariano headshotWords by Jonathan Mariano
Data & Technology

Are you tired of the continual expansion of suburban sprawl?  Or perhaps just want a home that is right sized for your household, instead of a giant McMansion?  New Avenue Homes may provide you with a sustainable option.

New Avenue allows communities to grow inward, rather than outward, “New Avenue is an alternative development model that enables communities to grow internally as opposed to externally. We do this by building homes on underutilized properties within existing neighborhoods.”

What exactly does growing internally mean?  New Avenue Homes call it the small plot development model.  "The big idea is that the vast majority of existing homes have the right to add a backyard cottage,”  says Kevin Casey of New Avenue Homes.  In cities with many land development restrictions, this could be key.  The second unit can be used by your in laws, a tenant, or even yourself.

It’s not just restricted to second units.  If you already have a plot of empty land, these homes can also be built as a primary unit as well.

The model also attempts to make better use of space counteracting suburban sprawl.  “The homes we build provide financial security to landowners and strengthen our communities without consuming any additional green space.”

Usually when building a home, folks  have to find an architect, someone to finance the project, and someone to build it, all on their own.

New Avenue vertically integrates the entire process with a bit of sustainability, to make it easier for the customer, and better for the environment.  It works with designers, financiers, lawyers, and builders to make the process as simple as possible.

Their LEED accredited architects design not only a more livable space, but a sustainable living space.  You could possibly finance from little to no money down, with the New Avenue Fund.  Of course, if it designed to be green, it must be built to be green, and will be by the company.

Furthermore, the home can be customized to your needs, “Our homes are designed to accommodate the true diversity of our family types, namely those of us that live in one or two person households.”

The homes come in a variety of sizes, from a small studio cottage, to a large two bedroom home.  But just because the home is small, does not mean it is lacking.  Yes, the homes include a bathroom and kitchen.

And now, the most important question yet.  We have taken a look at people and planet.  But what about our old friend, the bottom line?  How much does a New Avenue home cost?  It all depends on design, local permitting, and site work.  The price is expected to be $60,000 on the low end, and averaging around $100,000.

All in all, New Avenue Homes looks to be a contender, if not a pioneer in the small plot development space.

Jonathan Mariano headshotJonathan Mariano

Jonathan Mariano is an MBA candidate with the Presidio Graduate School in San Francisco, CA. His interests include the convergence between lean & green and pursuing free-market based sustainable solutions.

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