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Help Send a 3p Writer to Brazil!

Words by Andrea Newell
Energy & Environment

This is the second installment of the UNEP/TreeHugger blogging competition. The writer with the most votes will win a trip to cover World Environment Day in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in June 2012.

Three TriplePundit writers have made the finals of the competition. Here are their posts. If you'd like to send a 3p author to Brazil, vote for these blog posts on the UNEP website.

An Action Plan for a Sustainable 21st Century By Leon Kaye

If I were to rule the world, I would demand that governments work with, not against, individuals and  companies implementing their ideas for  sustainable development. My three point action plan would motivate innovators  around the world to work ambitiously at a local level so that the globe would  heal after generations of environmental degradation.

Embed sustainability education  at all levels.

Sustainability should not be an academic specialty,  a certification course or a community service project. To thrive on a planet  with as many as 9 billion people, my plan launches with  educating citizens from an early age.

To read the rest and vote for Leon, go to the UNEP website

LEADership for a Sustainable Century By Jonathan Mariano

An ambitious task awaits  me as ruler of the world.  I have to develop an action plan for a  sustainable century.  But what should the action plan emphasize?

If leading a people  towards sustainability were as easy as programming a robot, with robots  following directions lock and step without question, we probably wouldn’t need  to be developing such action plans.  But you are not a robot, I am not a  robot, we are not robots.  We are human beings, each with our own  thoughts, opinions, and differences.

It is easy to say we  should have a green/sustainable economy that is low carbon, resource efficient  and socially inclusive (amongst other sustainability goals.)  But it is  challenging to motivate and lead individuals toward achieving any one of these  sustainability goals.

To read the rest and vote for Jonathan, go to the UNEP website

Cooperation is the Key to Achieving a Sustainable Century By Andrea Newell

If I ruled the world, how would I ensure our next century is  a sustainable one? I believe the key is cooperation, along with collaboration,  inclusion, equity and engagement. As a leader, I would work to foster these  traits in cultures around the world, because only together can we achieve a  sustainable future.

We face a myriad of problems, but I would concentrate on  tackling five major ones first, in order to make the biggest impact, and trust  that by making strides in these areas, other issues would see improvement, as  well.

To read the rest and vote for Andrea, go to the UNEP website