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Sponsored byHenkel North America

Henkel North America SPECIAL SERIES

Pursuing Net-Positive

With time running out to achieve the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals and cap global temperature rise at 1.5 degrees Celsius, businesses must recognize the urgency of the moment we’re in today. And their stakeholders — from employees and customers to investors — increasingly expect nothing less. 

Even as companies announce plans to pursue net-zero greenhouse gas emissions, many are pushing them to go even further. In this series sponsored by Henkel North America, we'll explore how companies can go beyond eliminating negative impacts to creating positive impacts on people and the planet. We’ll take a closer look at Henkel’s journey toward climate-positive operations by 2030, discuss how net-positive ambitions translate into the communities along a company’s value chain, and highlight the big lessons for business as they strive to do more than just “less bad.” (Image credit: MandriaPix/Adobe Stock)