Safety and Sustainability: Broaden Your Definition of Risk and Gain Competitive Advantage

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Today most companies claim to care about workplace safety, but that sentiment is not always present in a corporation’s day-to-day operations. After a chain of high-profile accidents that have had both human and environmental costs, some large corporations have been accused of putting profits ahead of workers’ safety. The resulting accidents have cost those companies dearly. Shouldn’t a safe, responsible operation also be a productive one? Posturing aside, what exactly is the relationship between safety and business sustainability?

Please join our friends at the Sustainable Business Forum for a free webinar March 2. The webinar explores the nexus of workplace safety and sustainability.

Not only is the webinar free, but attendees receive a free e-book with registration.

An expert panel will explore the strategic connection between safety and sustainability and suggest best practices. Please join leadership expert Ted Coine, Bruce Piasecki and Mark Coleman of the AHC Group, National Safety Council research director Mei-Li Lin, and Patricia Walters of Dupont’s Crisis Management team who worked together to develop this new ebook report (register to receive a free copy). Download the report for your own use and join the team on March 2 for a live webcast to delve deeper into safety’s strategic importance and get your own questions answered.

Topics covered during the webinar include:

  • How to mitigate potentially brand-killing safety crises
  • “Competing for sustainability” by broadening traditional definitions of risk
  • Building a safety culture through strong analytics and a commitment to continuous improvement
  • A focus on one company’s holistic approach to crisis management and its response to the 2009 H1N1 flu epidemic

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