Exclusive Interview with Blissmo CEO on Groupon for the Green Set

What is Blissmo?

And why should you care?

Blissmo is a price discounted daily-special service offering organic and eco-friendly products. Beyond its own website the company provides a back-office service enabling green daily specials for sites like Care2.

I interviewed Blissmo’s founder Sundeep Ahuja to explore how this type of marketing outreach can contribute to solving issues like global warming and Energy Independence.

Sundeep’s vision for achieving meaningful sustainable change is targeted at the consumer. He appreciates that the American consumer as an economic unit is still larger than any other single country including China. The American consumer has the unparalleled power, using their their dollars, to enact positive change.

The challenge that market research continues to document is that the American consumer is totally confused on what to buy and who to buy from when it comes to buying organic and eco-friendly products. This situation is correctly described as “product noise” by Sundeep. The product noise level from competing claims including too many that skirt far to closely to greenwashing is a barrier to consumer adoption of greener and healthier lifestyles.

Blissmo is solving this issue of product noise with a marketing solution as old as retailing: the introductory price discount. What Sundeep reports is that while their customers respond to the opportunity to buy for less they perceive a greater value in the discovery process of identifying products and services that enable their path toward “in me, on me and around me” lifestyle solutions.

Watch this exclusive video interview with Sundeep to learn more about how the daily price special is creating a marketing solution for consumers seeking to penetrate the “fog of mass advertising” and how this path is also creating exciting opportunities for green companies seeking to growth their customer base:

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