The Green Room: BBMG’s Mitch Baranowski Jason Graham-Nye, CEO of gDiapers

We are very excited that BBMG is back to finish out season one of the Green Room this week – two more interviews are in the hopper.

Jason Graham-Nye, CEO of gDiapers, is described by BBMG’s Chief Creative Officer and series host Mitch Baranowski as “one of the most pioneering and innovative brands we know.” In the interview, Graham-Nye looks back on gDiapers’ “epic journey,” and explains how the company’s success has been fostered by its dedication to a triple bottom line of people, planet and prosperity.

When he and his wife founded gDiapers six years ago, Graham-Nye says, they relied on personal beliefs and experiences as parents: “We didn’t have any relevant [business] background at all.” Since then, they’ve prevented 80 million diapers from entering landfills and “learned a ton about how to do this triple bottom line thing.”

The company’s eco-friendly diapers offer the convenience of disposables with the minimized environmental footprint of cloth diapers. Parents choose between biodegradable gRefills that can be flushed, composted or tossed or reusable gCloth inserts—both of which fit into colorful cotton covers called gPants.

Graham-Nye says gDiapers has built a loyal following through social media platforms—including more than 28,000 Facebook fans and a cadre of voluntary brand advocates who call themselves “gMums” and “gDads.” The company’s employee-centric environment offers optimum flexibility and on-site daycare to go along with the brand values. Dedication to employees, he says, is key: “The most important thing is the people part of it. If you get the culture right, you become a group of people that can deal with any challenge: That’s your ultimate competitive advantage.”

Filmed at BBMG’s studio in DUMBO, Brooklyn, The Green Room is an original Web series hosted in partnership with Triple Pundit. Upcoming guests include Ian Yolles of RecycleBank and Josh Viertel of Slow Food USA.

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