Interview: SunRun’s Lynn Jurich on “Pocketbook Environmentalists”

How many companies can boast of a 100%+ annual growth rate in customers, especially  in today’s economy? Would you be even more impressed if the answer was a solar company?

SunRun is hot, hot, hot. They have grown in just a couple of years to a leadership position in residential rooftop solar systems with over $1 million in residential solar installations every day. Just six months ago when I first interviewed Lynn Jurich, President and Co-founder she reported that SunRun had grown to 6,000 customers. Now she reports having over 10,000 customers. This is a 66% growth rate or 130+% if this is sustained for the remainder of 2011.

And the just announced news on their $200 capital raising round in support of the financing of more SunRun solar installations appears to cement their growth potential. They have secured this $200 million in tax equity from a subsidiary of U.S. Bancorp.

So I went back to Lynn to ask, “Who is buying all of these solar power roof top systems?”

Her surprising answer is the Pocketbook Environmentalist.

What is a Pocketbook Environmentalist? Watch the following video interview with Lynn to learn the insights on who they are, what they are buying and who they are buying from:

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