Non-Profit Management 101: The Book

Management of a non-profit organization can mean the difference between effective advocacy and social change programs, and failure. Therefore, it’s tantamount for those running an organization or playing a critical role within an organization (fundraising, marketing, board management) to make good use of limited funds and other resources at their disposal.

A recently published guide, Non-Profit Management 101: A Complete and Practical Guide for Leaders and Professionals, draws from the experience of 50 thought leaders and change makers, including writing from Paul Hawken, Lynne Twist, Beth Kanter, Ami Dar, and Kay Sprinkel Grace. The list of contributors reads like a who’s who of the non-profit world.

Jody Williams,  Nobel Peace Prize Laureate (1997); Chair, Nobel Women’s Initiative, called the book, “…a how-to operator’s manual for the nonprofit sector,” adding, “This invaluable tool is sure to help you advance your cause and develop your organization–it’s a must read.”

Section 1 details the big picture, including what the field is all about, and where one might fit into it, and includes contributed chapters from Paul Hawken, Robert Glavin (University of San Francisco), Emmett Carson (Silicon Valley Community Foundation), and Shelly Cryer, author of Nonprofit Career Guide. Other sections deal with the operations of non-profits, including:

  • Managing Organizations and People (Section 2, with Jeanne Bell, David La Piana, Cassie Scarano of Common Good and others);
  • Nonprofit Law and Finance (Section 3, with Virginia Gross and Bruce Hopkins, authors of Starting and Managing a Nonprofit Organization: a Legal Guide and others);
  • Nonprofit Technology and IT (Section 4, with Elliot Harmon of TechSoup Global and Jon Warnow and Joe Solomon of among others);
  • Fundraising (Section 5, with Kay Sprinkel Grace, author of Beyond Fundraising among others);
  • Marketing and Communications (Section 6, with Beth Kanter, author of The Networked Nonprofit, among others);
  • Boards and Volunteers (Section 7, with Greg Baldwin of VolunteerMatch and Michelle Nunn of HandsOn Network)

The book closes with finishing remarks by its editor, Darian Rodriguez Heyman (formerly of the Craigslist Foundation) and an Afterword by Lynne Twist, author of The Soul of Money.

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