LG Products Get CarbonFree Certification

LG Electronics has partnered with Carbonfund to improve the carbon rating of their products. Their electronic goods from TVs, fridges and other products will start to carry the  CarbonFree logo next year. The certification indicates that the product is carbon neutral as achieved by a variety of offset projects.

Their parent company, LG Group has invested $18-billion in research and development towards energy efficient and renewable energy products. Next year, an LCD TV,  an LCD computer monitor, a refrigerator, a clothes washing machine, an LED lamp and several solar panel products will be released, all of which will carry the CarbonFree certification.

“For customers in the know, who are environmentally conscious, who understand the effects of carbon dioxide emissions, understand how carbon fits into our world, I think (the certification) it going to be meaningful,” said John Taylor, LG’s vice president of public affairs and communications

Use of Life Cycle Assessment

LG used Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) to determine the emissions caused by each product. Each product was studied during every stage of its manufacture from extraction of raw material to product disposal. They analysed one model from each product category to ensure that their product line was carbon free.

In order for the products to carry the CarbonFree label,  LG will fund carbon offset projects. Announcements are yet to be made as to what projects the company will sponsor. LG has already done work in areas like reducing materials, hazardous substances and factory greenhouse gas emissions — all of this contributes towards carbon reduction.

E-Waste Recycling

LG is also aware of the problem of e-waste. The LG Electronics Recycling Program provides consumers with a convenient and responsible way to dispose of used, unwanted, obsolete or damaged consumer electronics products. In 2010, LG recycled more than 8 million pounds of home electronic products in the United States, free of charge to consumers. They work with the E-Stewards Initiative to promote and expand responsible e-waste recycling. By becoming an e-Stewards Enterprise, LG will give preference to electronics recyclers that meet and are certified to the “e-Stewards Standard for Responsible Recycling and Reuse of Electronic Equipment.”

E-Stewards certification of recyclers means they don’t export e-waste to developing countries, account for toxic materials passing through their supply chain, monitor worker health and safety, and don’t send toxic materials to landfills or incinerators, among other issues. LG will look at its current recyclers and figure out what it will take for them to get certified as well as looking for new recyclers.

According to Taylor:

“LG’s actions on e-waste fall in line with the goal of getting companies to commit to using and promoting certified responsible recyclers. From our ambitious carbon reduction commitments, to our industry-leading efforts to bring high efficiency ENERGY STAR® qualified products to market, to our support for environmental efforts around the world, reducing environmental impact, while enhancing consumers’ lives through innovation. Life’s good when you live green.”

Indeed, it is.

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