Hall Winery: 1st Napa Winery To Offer Electric Car Recharging

Walgreens is installing 800 recharging stations across the USA. Their goal is to be “the Nation’s largest retail host of electric vehicle charging stations.”

Best Buy has plans to sell Ford’s Electric Recharging Station along with its array of iPads and 60″ flat screen TVs. They too are installing charging stations at selected locations.

The U.S. Building Council’s LEED (Leadership In Energy and Environmental Design) program assigns points toward a building’s certification based on such features as preferred parking for energy efficient and car-pool vehicles plus installation of electric car charging stations. This video at Canyon Construction’s LEED Platinum headquarters building provides an example of how electric cars and paving technologies can advance the preservation of our environment including our water supply:

The bottom line is that the electric car is reshaping the design of commercial buildings, most especially, retail stores.

Another prime example is Hall Winery. This award winning winery became the first winery in Napa Valley to provide an electric recharging station. Offering this type of free service to customers who drive electric cars aligns with their status as the first LEED certified winery in Napa Valley and their qualification as a CCOF certified organic grower of grapes. This interview with Mike Reynolds, President of Hall Winery, provides best practices for building a sustainable business that makes money and a difference:


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