Big Business is Finally Taking Climate Seriously

photo of a hurricaneAlong with increased environmental awareness, cold, hard facts have led many to stop questioning climate change and environmental degradation. It is not just remote areas of the world that are beginning to feel the impact of climate change. Areas of the Western World are seeing droughts, wild weather, and other phenomena that are associated with human-caused global climate change.

Individuals have begun to make changes in their lifestyles, but what about big business?

While the government lags woefully behind in efforts to prepare the public, and itself, for changes in climate, big business is taking it upon themselves to make preparation efforts. Many businesses, especially within the energy sector are making plans as to how they will manage any sort of climate change, and are also working on efforts to help their customers to prepare in the event of a dramatic climate-based catastrophe.

These energy companies are also looking to work with local governmental officials to help educate them and encourage city-wide planning.

Agribusiness is also on the front lines of working to adapt to the possibilities of global climate change. Pioneer, a subsidiary of the company Dupont, is looking for ways to genetically engineer crops that can be resistant to many different changes in climate, such as drought-resistant crops or those that can tolerate higher temperatures, larger amounts of rainfall, and other potential problems that could be faced in the bread baskets of the world.

Even the insurance industry is working towards planning for climate preparedness. A new insurance company has sprouted up to provide coverage, as well as information, to citizens of Florida and around the Gulf Coast area. Most insurers refuse to insure homeowners in this area, leaving them incredibly vulnerable in the event of a dramatic climate catastrophe.

It just goes to show that even though the government might be behind the curve when it comes to getting itself, and the nation, prepared for many different possibilities as a result of climate change, individuals and businesses are taking these issues into their own hands. Surprising players, such as those in the energy industry, as well as those in the insurance industry are working to help prepare themselves and their clients for what is likely to be an eventuality that we all face.

Climate change is not going anywhere, and we must find a way that we can adapt to these problems we are likely to face. Pretending they do not exist will spell the demise of our nation. We should encourage business, individuals, and the government to continue to plan for our future.

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