Raise a Glass to Green Beer

Green Beer? Cheers to that! Photo © 2012 Jason E. Kaplan

Earlier this month, Triple Pundit teamed up with The Can Van to better understand the connection between two of our favorite topics: sustainability and beer!

We had the unique opportunity to sit down and share a beer at the 29th annual Craft Brewers Conference with craft beer all-stars including Sierra Nevada, New Belgium, Bison Organic Beer, and more. With each new industry professional we met, and every brew we enjoyed, it came as no surprise that our appreciation for beer deepened.  These candid conversations helped us develop a clearer picture of the integral role sustainability plays in the beer industry. And that made us pretty happy about our choice in adult beverages.

We learned that you can gain more than just money by collaborating with your industry peers, that breweries (on the whole) are important community stewards, and there are a number of different ways a business can view its commitment to sustainability.

We were surprised to learn that while every brewery could talk in detail about their various sustainability initiatives, each had its own definition of the term.

You too can learn things – like how legal changes will affect your favorite beverages, the benefits to drinking canned beer, and why it is the perfect time for you to visit the Midwest and enjoy their booming craft beer scene.

It was a real pleasure curating this series, which includes articles and op-ed pieces written by industry experts and interviews highlighting industry professionals from across the country. We hope you enjoy reading as much as our team enjoyed researching and writing.

“What feels good tastes even better,” says Julia Herz, Craft Beer Program Director for the Brewers Association. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. So, kick back, crack open a beer and learn more about this rapidly growing community. Cheers!

Kate Drane is co-founder of the The Can Van, the first ever mobile beer canning service for craft breweries. Kate is also a board game junkie, avid volunteer, and newly minted craft brew enthusiast. You can follow her on Twitter.


Kate Drane is the Stakeholder Outreach Manager for Triple Pundit. In addition, she is the co-founder of The Can Van, a Bay Area mobile beer canning service and PresidioSpace, a business incubator/ co-working/ event space located in San Francisco. She received her BA in Journalism from Butler University and MBA in Sustainable Management from Presidio Graduate School where she honed her skills and passions for recruiting, networking, community building and intrapreneurship.

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