Video Interview: Church Key Can Co-Founder, Justin Hawkins

Packaging plays a significant role in a brewery’s ecological footprint. Bringing an old technology to a new product, Church Key Can Co’s pilsner-style beer is packaged in a flat top steel beer can, which can only be opened using a church key – a style popular in the 1930s.

Although new to the craft beer scene, this Portland-based venture, co-founded by Portland native Justin Hawkins and Adrian Grenier (star of HBO’s Entourage), is attracting some big attention, including a recent feature at TechCrunch Disrupt.

In addition to the can’s novelty, there are environmental benefits to steel. According to Earth911, because steel is a metal, it can be easily separated from other recyclables (e.g. paper, glass) using magnets. Additionally, steel recycling saves landfill space as well as provides a scrap resource to the steel industry.

Jenn Coyle met Church Key Co-Founder Justin Hawkins to discuss his new venture:


Interviewer: Jenn Coyle
Producer: Kate Drane

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