Exclusive Interview: Video Designs That Win Sales

Transformational Consumers are a fast growing $300 billion consumer market segment actively searching for products that align values with value. In response to getting hit in their pocketbooks with a new economic tax created by global warming plus health fears tied to unsustainable business practices, the Transformational Consumer is doing a major rethink on what they buy and who they buy from. With an “in me, on me and around me” focus they are searching for solutions tied to their home, personal finances and health.

Video sales path
The Transformational Consumers’ search for smarter, healthier and greener solutions is increasingly conducted using video. Americans view 11 billion video ads per month almost double the viewership levels of just a year ago. Every month YouTube has approximately 500 million worldwide viewers who watch 92 billion videos. Each month this represents 2.9 billion hours of viewership equal to over 325,000 years. The data is overwhelming, if your business is trying to sell smarter, healthier and greener products you must have a video presence.

Social videos for sustainable products
Mischa Hedges is co-founder of Trim Tab Media. He is an expert in helping values-based businesses tell their story through video. In the following exclusive interview at the recent Sustainable Brands 2012 conference, Mischa outlines best practices in video design for businesses seeking to win sales with the Transformational Consumer that uses YouTube and the Internet to find values-based businesses and products.

This video is the first of a series of video interviews that profiles business pioneers achieving success through green and sustainable best practices. Coming interviews include leaders with Ford, Walmart, Chipotle and professional experts pioneering smarter, healthier and greener solutions that are successfully engaging customers and work associates.

Bill Roth is the Founder of Earth 2017. His video interviews are located on YouTube at Earth2017TV. His most recent book, The Secret Green Sauce, profiles best practices of businesses succeeding in making money going green.

Founder of Earth 2017. Author of The Boomer Generation Diet: Lose Weight. Have Fun. Live More that Jen Boynton, Editor in Chief of Triple Pundit , says is "Written in Bill Roth's lovable, relatable tone. A must read for any Boomer who is looking to jumpstart their health and have fun at the same time. I hope my parents read it. "

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  1. Bill: Congratulations!  This interview with Mischa Hedges, co-founder of Trim Tab Media, about the power of video in marketing to Transformational Consumers, is very, very good!  I look forward to seeing more in this series. (Mark McLeod, Sustainable Business Alliance, Berkeley/Oakland, CA)

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