LEDs Go High Tech with iPhone Powered Dimming

By Danielle Stewart

change the lighting of a room from your smartphone

Lightbulbs are common objects in most homes. Considering how frequently we use them, they really have not changed much since Edison’s first working model in 1879. The LIFX bulb created by Phil Bosua of San Francisco, CA is about to change all that.

LIFX is a WiFi enabled, multi-color, energy efficient LED light bulb that you control with your iPhone or Android. This bulb gives consumers the most control they have ever had over the lighting design of their homes, while reducing energy costs and lasting for a remarkable 25 years.
The lightbulb is replaced the way you would replace any normal bulb, just take out your old bulb and screw in the LIFX WiFi bulb. Then head over to the App store or Google Play to get your controls.

You can now control every bulb from your smartphone. What this means is custom lighting by mood and by time of day. Adjust the brightness of bulbs in the kitchen while cooking, and dim those around other parts of the house. Having mood swings? Adjust each room to suit your moods – the living room can be red while the bathroom is blue. Or just change colors to match the décor of the room.

You can even change the lighting based on times of day. For instance, customize the app to slowly dim in your bedroom at your bedtime and gradually increase the light in the morning.

There are also controls for automatic settings such as turning off when you go out and turning on when you return home. You won’t have to replace any switches or install any weird control boxes, all the switches in your home will still work (although they may be a bit envious of the competition).

Last, but not least, if you are having a dance party some Friday eve, these lights can even respond to the beat of your iTunes library, so whatever music is playing the lights will adjust accordingly, creating a disco-tastic effect!

Finally, in case you’re wondering what LED lighting is, well it’s the lighting of the future for home and commercial lighting.
“LEDs have reached a price point and level of consistency where they’re now the best alternative to incandescent bulbs for their energy efficiency (they use approx. 1/10th the energy of standard household bulbs)”. — Phil Bosua – Inventor of the LIFX smartbulb.

While the company I blog for, Precision Paragon [P-2], does not manufacture the LIFX bulb , we certainly do LED lighting. We are thrilled to see innovations in the area of energy efficient lighting and are proud to promote the work of those on the front lines of energy efficient lighting innovation.

Danielle Stewart is a lighting design expert and a blogger for Precision Paragon [P-2] an energy-efficient commercial lighting manufacturer based in Yorba Linda, California. All of our LED bulbs are manufactured right here in the U.S.A!

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  1. Oye vey. Yeah, this thing is neat, but I give it a zero to slim chance. I mean, who actually wants all that? And who wants to have to mess around with your iphone all the time to change the lights? I’m sure there’s some market for this, but a lot of people want simplicity, not yet more options.

  2. What to say about technology. After reading this post I am more curious to know that how can I control my home lights through my smartphone. Can you post any video about LIFX WiFi bulb? That wouldn’t be wrong to say LED industry ( http://www.corvi.com ) growing rapidly and delivering energy efficient lights.

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