Claremont Creek Ventures on Energy Policy and Clean Tech Investments

Nat Goldhaber, Claremont Creek Ventures, Photo by Amy Seidman © 2013
Nat Goldhaber, Claremont Creek Ventures, Photo by Amy Seidman © 2013

In this video, Nat Goldhaber, managing director of Claremont Creek Ventures, share his insights about energy and policy in California as they pertain to clean tech investments. Goldhaber tells the story of a Claremont Creek solar investment in a company called Clean Power Finance. He sees our indigenous production of solar power as a relief from foreign oil, a strategy which is vitally important to circumventing the obvious security threats the U.S. and other western nations face.

Claremont Creek Ventures generally invests in early stage companies with a focus on clean tech and health care IT. Wherever possible, Claremont Creek Ventures places their investments in companies found through UC Berkeley and Lawerence Berkeley Labs due to the close proximity of their offices in the East Bay. See the video interview here:



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