Can Green Energy Tax Cuts Help Beat Global Warming?

Most people hate paying taxes. In this video interview (see below), Rod Richardson, the blogger behind Green Energy Tax Cuts, puts forward a unique spin on the polarized politics and issues on climate change we face today–fight global warming by eliminating all taxes on green energy investments. Rod argues this will lead to a massive influx of new investment in clean energy, and produce less pain and more prosperity than any existing policy alternative, with an appeal across party lines…because it won’t cost the taxpayer a dime.

The Green Energy Tax Cuts proposal fuses a traditionally liberal passion about global warming and clean energy with a traditionally conservative love of tax cuts and supply side economic policy. In this interview, Rod explains how liberals and conservatives can come together on this issue, and shows a possible avenue towards consensus.  Richardson firmly believes that it is politically and economically more powerful to grow the clean energy sector through tax cuts. He explains that by eliminating investment, capital gains and estate taxes on green energy, we can rapidly attract new investment toward successful business models.


Rod Richardson is the founder of The 21st Centrist Fund, and author of two blogs: 21stCentrist and Green Energy Tax Cuts.  By these efforts, Rod seeks to originate and develop new public policy ideas that can bridge the gap between left and right to produce better, more sustainable outcomes than existing policies, particularly in the areas of energy, the environment and health care.  21st Centrist Fund supports scholarly research and development of such new public policy ideas.

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2 responses


    Yes, this story is about someone’s knickers. It’s about an antidote for a large part of the fossil CO2. What if the polarity and argument over CO2 was so inexpensive to solve it wasn’t worth the trouble to argue about?

    Tens of thousands are working on this, it is their job. They are paid and spend countless billions. I don’t begrudge their sincere interest and dedication to their work and passion. But as is often the case in human endeavours, there too frequently comes a time when the reason for the work, plays second fiddle to preserving the work.

    We thought the world would welcome incredible news from our tiny Native village.… The means to manage the largest amount of our climate changing, global warming, life smothering CO2 was at hand and proven. And the cost was so cheap that big governments and massive carbon taxes would not be needed.

    Instead a tiny village could do it. The miracle is that if we can assemble just 100 villages and teach them how to be stewards of their ocean pastures, if they work to bring their fish back, if they each find just one fishing boat to work for a few months each year, it will work.

    The cost of changing billions of tonnes of CO2 from its deadly form where it is killing ocean life into restored ocean life, into fish, and every other form of ocean life is going to be mere millions, not billions. read more


    Hundreds of reports have used the propaganda rule book to smear the village work and the names of those involved.

    We’d apologize for the success but we’re only temporary occupants of this place. It belongs to our grandchildren and their grandchildren, and we promised to take care of it for them!


  2. This is a great idea. I would truly love to see something similar for fossil fuels. An across the board fossil fuel tax cut, then we’d have some real energy investment and new jobs. So yea, go ahead and get the clean energy tax cuts and then later we’ll work toward fossil fuel tax cuts. This is a great idea.

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