Giant Battery “EnStorage” Will Improve Cities Power Grids

enstorage-460x250A version of this story originally appeared on NoCamels – Israeli Environment News

By NoCamels Team

One of the major issues in power consumption today is changes in demand. At certain times of the day or of the year, people consume different amounts of electricity, creating peaks that make it difficult for electricity companies to answer the demand. One of the ways the problem can be solved is by regulating the flow of energy through the use of large-scale batteries. And that’s what Israeli company EnStorage does.

The company recently announced that it has produced a Hydrogen-Bromine (HBr) battery, capable of storing power at times when demand is low and releasing it when demand is high. “This is a major milestone and a step forward towards larger capacity products,” says Dr. Arnon Blum, President of EnStorage Inc. “With the 50 KW system, we have refined our ability to manage multiple battery stacks, which is key to providing a modular and cost effective storage system for our customers.”

The battery, introduced by EnStorage, is made from hydrogen and bromine, a mineral which is harvested from the Dead Sea at relatively low-cost. A single battery’s storage power is equivalent to 20,000 iPhone batteries and it can be recharged more than 10,000 times.

“We believe that by making energy storage simple and affordable we can tackle the major issues facing the energy sector,” says Blum, “EnStorage batteries can firm up renewable energy by eliminating intermittency, align energy availability with demand for load leveling and peak shaving, defer transmission and distribution upgrades, and provide instant congestion relief, solving immediate grid constraints.”

Following the recent success of the 50KW unit, EnStorage is now moving forward with the next milestone of a 150KW a commercial unit providing six hours of storage.


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