VIdeo Interview: Dan Crisafulli of Potrero Investment Advisors on Impact and Policy

Impact investing expert Dan Crisafulli affirms the role of social capital to facilitate critical solutions on behalf of environmental and social challenges we face today. In this video interview, Crisafulli talks about how impact investing provides companies, private foundations and individuals from all sides of the political spectrum the means to align our values with our investments to support issues we feel strongly about while gaining positive returns.

Since inception in the early 1990’s, Dan Crisafulli, founder of Potrero Impact Advisors, has provided insight on impact investment to private banks and individuals. His insight is broad including guiding investments at Skoll Foundation, a charitable organization started by eBay Founder Jeff Skoll to support global concerns in India, Africa, the Middle East and other areas through investment, education and media.

Crisafulli also talks about the role of government in establishing policies that can support growth in these sectors without subsidies, such as energy abatement. Combining reduced taxes for clean energy with carbon taxes for dirty energy can provide the impetus for radical change while stimulating the economy. The ability of impact investing to provide a level playing field amid a polarized left and right partisan culture can be mighty, as he encourages engagement by all of us to work towards these mutual goals.

This Fall, experts from around the world are gathering in Zurich to facilitate the advancement of impact investment with TBLI Group, a global organization focusing on impact investment for the past decade.



To learn more about Dan Crisafull’s work, visit Potrero Impact Advisors

Interested in learning more about impact investing? Don’t miss the TBLI Conference in Zurich this fall.

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