HBO “Real Sports” Update on Donald Trump v. Scotland Wind Farm Airs Tonight

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Donald Trump is losing the battle over his plans for a golf course resort in Scotland

Hell hath no fury like Donald Trump scorned, but there is evidence the onetime 1980s icon of American wealth and excess is fading from bombastic cool to babbling codger. The Donald’s growing irrelevance is showcased tonight at 9:00 pm EST/PST on HBO, which covers the saga of Donald Trump and his tiff with the Scottish government on Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel (remember him?).

Sports reporter Bernard Goldberg reconnected with the Donald and his foes around the city of Aberdeen, where Trump’s plans for a mega-resort, a golfing “metropolis,” have run into several roadblocks in recent years.

When I received the DVD preview from HBO yesterday, I was not sure what to expect. Was this going to be a puff piece for sports and golf fans? Or was it going to be a PR piece building up Trump, who is used to bullying in order to get what he wants?

Actually, the HBO segment hits two accomplishments. First, Trump ties his own noose with his tactless comments. Second, the story is an example of how communication plays a big role in getting what you want, unless you are a windbag who shows nothing but scorn for stakeholders, who in this case, are locals fearful the region’s stunning sand dunes could be destroyed forever and a farmer whose title to his land gives him the power he needs to spite Trump at every turn.

The confrontation between Trump and local Scots has two chapters. First, Trump was able to score approval for the golfing haven complete with 950 condos, 500 luxury homes and a 450-room hotel. The permits went through despite some locals’ opposition. But then the Scottish government decided to launch an ambitious clean energy program heavily dependent on wind power. After suing to stop the construction of more offshore windfarms (while describing onshore wind turbines as “flickering” and “causing sickness”), Trump is now considering shelving the project altogether.

HBO could have dug a little deeper into the wind power controversy, especially since the Scots view it as part of their plan for energy independence in the event Scotland votes for total independence from the United Kingdom next year. But this is a show for sports fans, not NPR, and HBO does a great job undermining Trump simply by allowing him to open his mouth.

The best part of HBO’s coverage tonight, however, is the story of how a farmer and his mother are thwarting Trump at every opportunity. For the details, you have to watch HBO tonight: the continued defiance of this man, who has vowed never to stop farming his 23 acres in view of the golf course, is truly a gift that keeps on giving. For those of us who are bored with Trump’s antics, Michael Forbes’ defiance proves justice still can trump money.

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  2. I hope Scotland sends Trump packing with a haggis shoved down his throat! I also hope Scotland realizes that they don’t need or want his money, clientele, hair, or any other thing associated with this bozo.

  3. Good for the Scotsman! Trump has caused his fair share of damage to the environment!
    Do we really need another water swallowing golf course in the world? Refreshing to know not everyone in the world is fooled by Donald Trump.

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