Solar Exchange: One-Stop Bidding for Solar Installations

solarpowerA new study suggests that by 2050 wildfire seasons will be about three weeks longer. The east Antarctic ice sheet holds a big part of the planet’s ice, enough to increase global sea levels over 164 feet. Scientists recently released findings from research on the East Antarctic ice sheet which suggested that large parts of it could be more susceptible to climate change than previously believed. Clearly, we have to drastically reduce our use of fossil fuels which add more greenhouse gas emissions to the atmosphere. One way to do that is to use more renewable energy, including solar power. Enter Solar Exchange, a start-up that just might revolutionize the solar power industry.

Started in 2012, Solar Exchange is modeled on software trading platforms and will feature online auctions starting on September 9, 2013. A subsidiary of the Amnensys Capital Group, it is headquartered in Menlo Park, California, but has offices in China, India and Germany. Solar Exchange will not only will feature online auctions but will deliver procurement management, risk management, price indexes, and human resource sourcing. Call it a one-stop shop for all things solar. Registration is free for buyers, but sellers  pay an annual membership, with the standard plan costing $250 month for five named users. Higher level plans are $500 for ten named users and $1,000 for unlimited use.

Solar Exchange lists a number of benefits the site will provide, which include:

  • Connecting with the global solar trading community
  • Reducing costs by automating solar procurement and sale activities
  • Reacting rapidly to changing market conditions for greater competitive advantage
  • Extending market reach through access to new trading partners and suppliers
  • Accelerating sales cycles and minimize inventory risk
  • Lowering operating costs and improve margins
  • Giving companies a vehicle to promote their brand by advertising its products

Solar Exchange CEO Gary Mull says that there are advantages to online commerce over “brick and mortar commerce.” As Mull puts it, “Solar Exchange allows buyers to register on its “cloud-based trading platform and, as a member, you can browse to bid or to buy, and, if you choose to register as a seller, to sell.” The concept is not new, he acknowledges, but “this is solar-specific.”

It will be interesting to see what comes of Solar Exchange. Will it be the eBay or Amazon of the solar industry? If it does, it just might help accelerate the adoption of solar power, which is something the planet and its people desperately need.

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