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New Years 2013-52012’s Hurricane Sandy made climate change and the economic impacts of storm intensity an issue for all of 2013 and the collapse of the Rana Plaza clothing factory in  Bangladesh brought the issue of human rights into renewed focus for American clothing buyers.

Both tragedies made it clear that we need sustainable principals now more than ever, but they also raised the consciousness of global citizens to this need.

On the corporate side, the Global Reporting Initiative released the G4 guidelines, which brought renewed focus to the issue of materiality for corporate sustainability reporters.

Here on TriplePundit, where we cover sustainability every day, you were captivated by many stories great and small. Here’s a select few of the ones that brought the house down:

Top 10 Employee Engagement Strategies
This piece struck a nerve with our business audience. It’s clear that you understand the need for employee engagement as a component of corporate sustainability but are looking for more effective ways to deliver.

How Biking Improves Employee Productivity
Bike enthusiasts, business owners and HR reps were eager to understand how a bike commuting program could boost the bottom line.

PepsiCo Scratches “All Natural” Label From Naked Juice Bottles
When a brand with sustainability credentials like Naked Juice gets called out for misleading packaging, that’s always news for our health conscious readers. In this case, you came to the comments to share your outrage as well as to support Naked Juice’s right to incomplete labels.

Coca-Cola Sued Over Sugar-Laden vitaminwater
Coca-Cola also took its lumps over misleading packaging and marketing with a brand the public perceived to be healthy: vitaminwater.

Moringa – The Superfood That Could Alleviate Hunger in Developing Regions

Moringa captivated your imaginations – and it’s no surprise why. The leaves of this tree are renowned for their vitamin C, calcium, and vitamin A. Can they really solve global hunger?

After the Bangladesh Tragedy: Six Ethical, Eco and Fair Clothing Manufacturers
In the wake of the factory collapse, many shoppers felt helpless and were eager to learn about clothing manufacturers that produced their products with fair worker practices.

Toys “R” Us Presents: An Unsustainable Toy Story for the Holiday Season
The toy seller’s advertisement showcasing children bored and sad in nature riled up our readers.

Chipotle Makes History by Becoming First Fast Food Chain to Label GMOs
Chipotle committed to label their ingredients, making the burrito superstar the first American fast food chain to voluntarily display the presence of GMOs in its products.

What were your favorite sustainable news stories of the year?

Jen Boynton

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