SolarCity, Groupon Join to Launch Home Solar Promotional Campaign

spotlight_header-grouponPioneering third-party solar leasing, as well as solar lease asset securitization, Elon Musk’s SolarCity has been burning up the financial, solar and clean energy industry news networks for a while now.

Keen to add momentum to its rapidly expanding business, SolarCity today announced a partnership with another pioneering and fast-growing start-up, this one in the field of online advertising and promotions. Now the largest solar power provider in the U.S., SolarCity, and Groupon  have launched “the first online offer of its kind for solar power systems.”

SolarCity-Groupon “deal of the day”

According to a joint press release, the two Nasdaq-listed companies will work together to offer deals on home solar photovoltaic (PV) power systems on Groupon’s online marketplace. An initial, signature Groupon “deal of the day” carrot to entice online marketplace participants is already out there. “For a limited time, customers can benefit from additional savings with a deal from Groupon by paying $1 for $400 off” a residential solar power system leased and installed by SolarCity, according to the joint press release.

solar-city-truck-505The nationwide marketing and promotional partnership with SolarCity is Groupon’s first in the solar energy sector. Groupon’s active subscriber base–or potential solar PV customers–stands at more than 51 million. More than 200,000 bargains are available at present, Chicago-based Groupon highlights.

Growing fast, SolarCity at present “serves thousands of communities and major metropolitan areas in 15 states.” The partnership with Groupon could prove a very productive, and rewarding, means for SolarCity to generate pre-qualified leads and close residential solar PV deals en masse.

Shelling out a buck and taking advantage of today’s SolarCity promotion, Groupon subscribers will be contacted by SolarCity to schedule a consultation. From there, the companies explain:

“If the homeowner decides to move forward with solar service, the discount will be applied. Homeowners can install their solar system for free and pay only for the power.”

Interested? You can learn more about SolarCity’s Groupon home solar promotional offer by clicking here.

Image credits: 1) Groupon; 2) SolarCity

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