3p Traceability Week: Expert Panelists Answer Your Questions

3p Traceability Week is now underway! Join Triple Pundit and a panel of experts to discuss traceability in four controversial arenas — Seafood, Fashion, Minerals and Medical Marijuana.  Ask your questions in the comments section, and follow along hereThe Q&A closes on Tuesday, September 16. 

ktc-globeAs economies become more globalized, supply chains become immeasurably more complex. A given product often travels thousands of miles before arriving on a store shelf, and ingredients or components within that product may hail from all over the world. So, how do we know if a product is safe for our families and aligns with our values? Was it produced in an environmentally preferable way that also benefited the person who made it, or are environmental and human rights problems lurking within its supply chain?

Join Triple Pundit and a panel of experts for 3p Traceability Week to discuss traceability in four controversial arenas — seafood, fashion, minerals and medical marijuana.

Our featured panelists are: 

Here’s how it works: Follow each conversation here. Start asking your questions in the comments section below each post, and our experts will be on-hand all week to answer them. Pretty simple, right?

The expert Q&A will run from Wednesday, September 10, through Tuesday, September 16. We hope you’ll join the conversation!

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Mary Mazzoni

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