Patagonia Launches Black Friday Worn Wear Swap with Yerdle

Patagonia_Better_Than_NewLast year, amid the flurry and consumer buzz of Black Friday, Patagonia unveiled its Worn Wear program. On a day when most consumers were at the malls piling through racks of winter gear, new toys and the latest electronic releases, the company was celebrating Black Friday in a different way: It was urging its customers to give away the Patagonia gear they didn’t need.

Patagonia knows it’s the kind of appeal that resonates with its customers. Sharing the value they’ve enjoyed, from that over-used jacket or favorite top, with others who can turn those memories into usable, re-loved gear makes sense. It also feels good. And, as the U.K.-based group WRAP points out, it’s the kind of strategy that works for the environment.

This year, Patagonia is going a step further with its Worn Wear initiative. Today, in eight locations across the U.S., it’s holding Worn Wear Swaps, where customers can swap their used gear for another item off the Worn Wear rack.

For those who can’t make it to one of the designated locations, Patagonia has another option: It has joined forces with the sharing economy app Yerdle to make its Worn Wear program accessible to those in the remotest of mobile locations. Customers who don’t find something they want in exchange for their pre-loved item can swap for Yerdle credits.

Patagonia’s $20 Million and Change investment fund is backing up the partnership, which the company says is designed “to help innovative, like-minded companies bring about solutions to the environmental crisis and other positive change through business.”

The eight Worn Wear Swap locations for today are:

  •  Boston: 346 Newbury St.
  •  Cardiff, California: 2185 San Elijo Ave.
  •  Chicago, Lincoln Park: 1800 N. Clybourn Ave.
  •  Denver: 1431 15th St.
  •  New York City, Bowery: 313 Bowery
  •  Portland: 907 NW Irving St.
  •  San Francisco: 770 North Point
  •  Santa Monica: 1344 4th St.

Individuals who don’t have gear to swap can still turn up. Patagonia is hosting refreshments, food and music. Not a bad way to spend a Black Friday.

Image credit: Patagonia

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  1. The Patagonia-Yerdle partnership is better than a warm fluffy jacket. In the absence of a formal program for recycling old gear, a life cycle assessment of that jacket would assume its end of life was a landfill. Combined with Patagonia’s program for taking back old clothing, this partnership strengthens the company’s commitment to the environment. More manufacturers need to put programs like these in place to reduce their environmental impacts. Thanks!

  2. Yerdle just made the worst business move in their whole, short existence and took away hundreds of thousands of credits from its users due to an “accounting error” that they made and are trying to rectify by taking from their users. They provided no proof of their claims and just simply took the credits away. Personally, they took over 1,600 credits from me, which, according to them, has a monetary value of $160! Don’t use Yerdle. They don’t know what they are doing.

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