Twitter Chat Recap: #TechTitans

google bus protests

Today, TriplePundit and our noteworthy panelists came together for a special hour-long Twitter Chat at #TechTitans.

TriplePundit wants to investigate the tech industry giants such as Facebook, Google, Electronic Arts and Twitter, to name a few, and their impact on the Silicon Valley communities in which they operate. We’re crowdfunding a special series on Beacon to make it happen. This chat was a kickoff to the series, and we hope to generate buzz around this opportunity for the next several weeks.

The largest value-generators of the San Francisco Bay Area put massive pressure on public infrastructure, which has both positive and negative impacts on the communities these companies call home. We discussed what their responsibility to the Bay Area residents should be, and how they’re really being admirable corporate leaders.


Image credit: Flickr/Chris Martin

Marissa Rosen

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